Created by Nova Meek in Colorado Springs, Colorado, April of 2023.

  The word "Flooky" has no literal webster-dictionary definition, and was chosen simply because it sounds objectively cool.

  Utilizing textile waste in the form of pre-made and often pre-worn garments as a medium, FLOOKY pieces are incidentally sustainable in nature!:)

  Pieces are repaired if/as needed, cleaned, and sometimes very unceremoniously "sage'd" using local Colorado sage bush bundles in an attempt to appease any dark energy or spirits that may or may not lay dormant in the fabric of the pieces.

  One of the key elements of FLOOKY's creation process is to ensure that the 1 of 1 art apparel pieces can stand the test of time- whether it gets shredded and repaired, or kept vigilantly guarded and protected; every FLOOKY piece is made to be a quality item that is loved and cherished indefinitely.